We who follow Jesus are a sent people, even as Jesus was sent into the world by his Heavenly Father. We are a community sent on a mission together: to keep on doing the ministry of Jesus so that all people and all creation might experience the reconciliation of God. Below are the missionaries we support. 

  • AAron & Hur International Ministry

    Kathleen Peterson – our partner since 2010 married to Mark and has two adult daughters, Anna and Lauren. She travels often into the Latin countries of Cuba, Panama and others and is led to edify and build His church’s leaders. She teaches and encourages the church during her travels while here in the USA; she provides hospitality for pastors here for furlough and restoration. Teams are ongoing throughout the year; all details can be found at www.ahiminc.org

  • Poland

    Ben and Krista Taylor – our partners since 2006  Ben first entered the mission field in December 31, 2005 and served North Africa for 3.5 years before marrying Krista in 2010. They returned to serve together in Poland in 2011 and serve in Wroclaw a city of Universities where they focus on this population of students; 120,000 in partnership with a local church. Their focus is to disciple these youth to go and plant churches, passing their faith along for others to Know Him too! Winter snowboarding camps and Fall youth trips are most popular for their target group of college students. Men are greatly encouraged to come and serve in the mentoring of these young adults. For more information contact Ben Taylor at ben@benandkrista.net

  • Cuba

    Cuba:  We entered into a covenant with our  Sister Church, La Resurreccion, in 2002?  They are located in Holguin district in the  city of Holguin. We support our sister church by prayer and in relationship. The church in Cuba is multiplying rapidly and  in all domination of the Christian faith.  Come and See!! So you can go and tell!!  Caravans go to the island quarterly and  you are welcome to join one. You will come home more blessed than you leave  to go and be a blessing. Contact Kelley McLester if you are interested in going at kmclester@ircumc.com or 321-267-7922.

  • Johannes & Lena Ebner

    Johannes and Lena Ebner were adopted  as missionaries by our church in 2013 as  they entered the mission field and serve in Namibia Africa at Children of Zion Village, Inc. - a Residential Child Care Facility (orphanage) with Christian School, and produce gardens. Their purpose is for discipleship, to reach, teach and empower children to become strong godly leaders in their own country who in turn become disciple makers themselves. 

  • Fawzi Khalil

    Based in North Africa, he has partnered with Indian River City Church since 2003, been a Christian since 1981, worked full time in Kasr el Dobara Evangelical Church [KD] since 1987,  and was the first missionary from the church in North Africa.

    He led:

    • Evangelistic event in Spain in 1962 for six months, leading 200 people.
    • Evangelist and development team in KD from 2005 tol 2013.
    • Church in 2011 revolution in Tahirir square.
    • KD food bank project that reached 10,000 people in 2013.

    He speaks Arabic, English, and Spanish; serves as the official spokesperson for the church, often speaking to

    100,000 to 1 million people in the square. He as worked in local outreach in Egypt for past eight years. The 52-year-old  has great and deep links with Christian leaders and Muslim leaders for the unity of the country.